I have a debt to our National Health Service which I can never repay - not even if I live to be two hundred years of age !
The Sunshine Smile Crew, now half way through its third year of operation, has a simple mission TO MAKE PEOPLE SMILE AND BE HAPPY. The way we seek to achieve this has changed, grown and developed over those two and a half years.

Right now we are posting inspirational smiles on social media. We are setting up various projects which others will take over and manage under the umbrella of The Sunshine Smile Crew. There is a lot of interest and that interest is growing by the day.

Loving our NHS and seeking to repay not only my debt but a debt almost every family in the land has we have TeenHeroMK and MeltingPot.

MeltingPot is probably the easier of the two to get moving, I would like to think it is operational by the end of the year then through 2020 drawing in more and more communities. We are now going to work hand in hand with Dreamsai and the Milton Keynes Hindu community.

I am hoping we will celebrate our first TeenHeroes in May 2020 then by this time next year the project will be well on its way to its target of 17/18/19 year olds donating 6,000 pints a year to repay the debt our hospital owes to NHS Blood & Transplant for the blood it uses to save lives.

I am hoping TeenHero will be a beacon shining bright from Milton Keynes to encourage towns and cities all over the country to follow the example of our heroes.

We now have a school wanting to work with us as the lead to make this happen !

University Hospital Milton Keynes is in my opinion the most amazing, fantastic, loving hospital anywhere in the country.  I have supported it since the day it opened its doors.

A leading consultant once said to me: I do not treat my patients - I CARE FOR THEM ! That is certainly the way our hospital works.  Is that not the way our entire NHS works.
I do not believe that our hospital, as amazing as it is, is reaching out to the community to draw in love for the work it does.  Am I being unfair in my criticism ? Never mind if I am or not LET'S HELP OUR WONDERFUL HOSPITAL.

When I first came to live in Milton Keynes my doctor Jarvis. When he retired Doctor Labrum became my GP. When he retired Doctor Hilmy took over my care.

When Rebekah died every one of my doctors, past and present, contacted our family and flooded us with love. Professor Harrisson, CEO of our hospital sent a message of love and condolence.

When I go to see Doctor Hilmy, which is not very often, he will say to me: I am NOT your doctor - I AM YOUR FRIEND !


Do you love our HNS ? Do you owe it a debt you can not repay.

Start your repayments NOW.

Click the picture on the left and become a member of University Hospital Milton Keynes, it costs nothing. Get involved as a member and support our hospital.

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 Find out about the support work being undertaken by Healthwatch
and become a member of this organisation.  It costs nothing and your contribution can be of great value.


David aka The Geriatric DJ