The sunshine smile crew is not setting out to organise practical events in the community, our activities are primarily on-line inspiring people to go out and about in their daily lives to make people smile and be happy. However we are going out and about into our day with a special mission to make people smile, be happy and to put those smiles and happiness into the work of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Click the Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter logo on the left to visit their website. Spend a few moments checking out the amazing work they do.

To make our event supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter we need STUFF and we need PEOPLE.

Do play the video on the left, that Ralph McTell song has become a classic.

Our stall at the Irish Centre Boot Sale on Saturday 14th September will be different. EVERYTHING on our stall will be FREE. I am giving away my famous vinyl record collection and Paul Alexander, Chairman of Radio CRMK and a member of Milton Keynes Council, has donated ONE THOUSAND CD's. Thank You Paul

You can take as much as you like from the stall FREE - free but we ask for a donation to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter as it prepares for a tough 2019/2020 season.

In a minute I will talk about how much we plan to raise from our freebie boot stall but remember that support does not only mean money - far from it.

To make money we need STUFF to sell. Paul's CD's and my vinyl records are certain to arouse a lot of interest but we need more stuff. We need bric-a-brack, books, anything people will be prepared to take away FREE from the stall. 

The more stuff we can get together the more we can encourage generous donations for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. 


The boot sale is happening at a centre of LOVE and run by some LOVING people - Milton Keynes Irish Centre. Let's play a record for these lovely people.

That was beautiful wasn't it ?
I have set a target of 100 for the donation buckets but am hoping to make 150. If we can collect enough STUFF we could even make 500.

Taking what we have already to the stall by way of my car is going to be difficult. It will be a bit more than packed. If there is any way you kind people could bring your STUFF down to the Irish Centre that would help so much.

I will be there setting up between 4am and 5am. The early birds will there looking for bargains by 6am. The sale officially finishes at 12 noon. Could you help by bringing your gifts - STUFF OF LOVE to the table ? Please come as early as you can.

We then need PEOPLE. This is worrying me. If I am there on my own this event will be a sad failure !  PLEASE HELP ME - PLEASE DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN.

*We need people to man the stall and smile at people so they are generous with their donations.
*We need people to blow up balloons and hand them out with a smile to the children.
*We need people to hand out sweets to people and engage them, asking them to smile and be generous on our stall.
*There will be lots of dogs at the sale, there always are, we need people to hand out doggie treats. Doggies smile you know !
*We need people to talk to passers by about Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. To find smiling volunteers and loving people who will sign up as regular donors to the incredible work Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter does.
*We need people to SMILE.
So will you show LOVE by giving us STUFF ?  Will you show LOVE by popping by the stall to say HI ?  Will you show LOVE by coming to help make this little event an amazing success ?
I hope that in addition to the money we collect that we will sign up THREE volunteers and FIVE regular donors to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. Will you help smash these targets ?


When I first started to put this project together I e-mailed every member of Milton Keynes Council, Councillor Paul Alexander sent his love with STUFF for us to sell.

Our wonderful Mayor is coming along. He's a great guy and most certainly he will be coming in LOVE.

The most vulnerable members of our society are our homeless and rough-sleeping friends. In Milton Keynes it is a sad reflection not on our council but on you and I the people who make up that society. Come and change that.

It is so wrong that Milton Keynes needs a winter night shelter but THANK GOODNESS we have one. Thank goodness for the love of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter. When it opens its doors in two months time Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter is in for a hard season.

Will you please help at our car boot stall with a difference ?

Will you show love ?

DAVID - aka The Geriatric DJ  

In August Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Council ran an amazing afternoon of family fun. None of the good causes we support were there.

On Saturday 23rd November it will be the Bletchley Christmas Lights  switch on. This is certain to be a lovely event'

We will be there.

The Milton Keynes Food Bank will have a special feature which we will be supporting big time.

The Junction 14 Ladies Choir will be performing on the bandstand to support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

How about at events like this we have a pop up charity stall run in the same way as our boot sale stall ?

It comes down to PEOPLE and STUFF again.

We need to build up the strength of THE SUNSHINE SMILE CREW so we have plenty of friends who could man our pop up stalls.

Then we need the STUFF. To make it easy perhaps we could concentrate on Vinyl Records, CD's, DVD's and books.

With PEOPLE and STUFF we could have a lot of fun with a pop up stall.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ