As well as being The Geriatric DJ I am also Max Robinson the writer. With my radio work and community activities I am not writing as much as I used to. It's not so much the writing, the actual creating that's the problem - I can scribble away any time I have a few minutes between activity, it's the typing up and editing I find a drag. A drag and if I am honest boring.

I am thinking that by adding this page to the website it may give me a kick up the backside to start writing more.

My books are published on Amazon, mainly in e-book format. To put a book into traditional format is quite a long and complicated process.

My book THE BRIDGE HOUSE is available in both e-book and paper format. I think this is my best work so far but I did make a big mistake in the way I presented it for publication. I illustrated it. That put the price up on Amazon to a level where very few people buy it. In e-book format it costs 1.49 and in paperback a staggering 18.72 !  Yes, there are Amazon millionaires but I am not and never will be one of that elite. Quite simply I do not have the time to promote my work. If anyone wants to take on that task I will split the royalties 50/50 with you. Serioysly.

The Bridge House is a story telling of the life and times of my paternal grandmother, Lilly. She was born in 1890 and died in 1994. The Bridge House was the name of the home she was born in and grew up in. The image I have used for the cover is not The Bridge House, it is a print my grandmother always proudly had on display in her home, she inherited it from her mother-in-law so it would date back to the mid nineteenth century.

That's my Nan on the left, the photograph probably taken round about 1907 or 1908.

The times in which my Nan lived, times I take the reader through are 100% true but everything is wrapped in an author's imagination. The story begins on the day Queen Victoria died, Nan was 11 years old, and ends when the first Ashford Girl, my daughter Rebekah, to be born in one hundred years joins our family.

The book is a love story spanning more than seventy years. I have two central characters in the book - My Nan and the fictional Lord Henry Earl of Wilton. Who the picture is, the picture I have used for Lord Henry, I have no idea. I purchased it from an antiques stall somewhere in Devon. The love story twists and turns, the reader never quite knowing where it is going and what will happen next. Without giving too much away it ends in a typical Max Robinson style leaving the reader saying Oh !  Now it all makes sense.

When I get going I can write a book in just a few weeks but The Bridge House took me more than a year to complete.

Music comes into all of my stories, of course it does I am The Geriatric DJ of course. Within my YouTube Channel there is a playlist of ten songs which feature in the book.

This is my Nan as I remember her. On the right is Nan as a Canary Girl munitions worker in World War One. She's the one on the right, with her is her younger sister Galdys always known as Auntie Glad.

I am not sure Nan would actually approve of the story The Bridge House, Nan was a formidable lady and the matriarch of our family - you did not argue with her. She would not have approved of the story plot leading her towards becoming Countess of Wilton.

Among the songs included in the story is Vera Lynn's A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square. Read the story and find out the significance.

So can I invite you to speculate 1.49 and read THE BRIDGE HOUSE If you do then I hope you really enjoy my story.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ