I have been writing stories since I was a teenager, for those interested in my witting career I have scribbled this at the bottom of the page, right now I want to engage anyone who would like to make some money from my writing, either or themselves or for one of the good causes The Sunshine Smile Crew supports.

My first book was published in 1992 when I wrote under the pen-name of Jonathan Flie. At that time I was also writing newspaper and magazine features under the same name. Today I use the pen-name Max Robinson. See below.

I am an accepted Amazon Author with a number of books currently available in Kendal format and others in traditional paperback. I write for fun, I write for pleasure, I write to encourage others to write, I do not write to make money. That is until now, if The Sunshine Smile Crew is to achieve its 2020 Vision we need money.

Money but not money which, had it not been intercepted, would have reached a good cause. If a good cause were to say Here's fifty quid to pay for printing and postage I would say NO.  Since The Sunshine Smile Crew began operation we have never taken a single penny from any good cause we support. I am here proposing a way to find the money we need for 2020 Vision and if a good cause wishes to get involved then there is money as well for them.

There are Amazon millionaires. I am not one of them but I would suggest my books are equal to the best sellers. The only difference is I do not promote my work.

If you click the cover on the left you can download the DRAFT book I am currently working on. I emphasise DRAFT,  it has numerous typo's and there are bits and pieces I will want to put in a slightly different way. I am currently writing about 5,000 words a week. The total typed up right now stands at 12,000, I have another 5,000 to add and plan for the book to finish up at about 40,000 words. A novel has an average of 65,000 words so this is what is called a novelette.  If you take a look at the text you will see that the style and content would not work if it were too long.

Royalties for the finished work, I plan to have it published by the end of January 2020, will be in the order of 20p per copy. Amazon deducts tax at source so this is a Net income.

If the book sold 100 copies across 2020 that is a net income of 20 - big deal.  If sales reached 1,000 we are talking 200 which Amazon would not consider to ve very good. 10,000 and Amazon may start to take notice of the scribbling of Max Robinson where royalties would achieve 2,000. Amazon is interested in its Top One Hundred Authors. If this book pitched in at number 100 we would be looking at 100,000 and royalties of 20,000. If it made number one then 1,000,000 sales and 200,000. If I just write the book, publish it and leave it there then I will be lucky if it sells 10 copies !

As of 4th January 2020 my total sales for the year so far have reached just nine, nice across my entire bookshelf. Amazon puts up a monthly prize fund for its top authors, in November 2019 it was $26.1 million.

My proposal is that I write and for each book there is a marketing manager. That marketing manager used Amazon's own systems and social media to sell the book.  YouTube has vast potential, if a man in his twenties can make a fortune reviewing chicken shops then there is potential for Max Robinson.

I will take 50% of royalties each month, money I will use to fund the growing costs for The Sunshine Smile Crew in 2020 Vision. The marketing manager takes 50% either for himself or for a good cause he is involved in. This is a win-win situation.

As The Sunshine Smile Crew has demanded more and more of my times so I have dramatically slowed down my writing output. Within 2020 Vision this will change. Writing will become a form of relaxation for me as well as making money.

In early 2018 I started writing a book The Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ. The whole work is finished in my head, once the ramblings story is done I plan to pick up and finish this book. To encourage me I want to wrap this into the 2020 Vision project Rocking & Rolling For The Food Bank with people sponsoring me to finish the book by Easter. Sponsoring me by donating tins and packets to The Food Bank. I would like to find a marketing manager for this book.

The first book I had published, published in traditional format, was a book for children. I thought that my writing career would be as a children's author but it did not work out that way.  I have had in mind for several years to write a book called The Lonely Ghost. Te cover image here is of a folly in the National Trust Gardens at Stowe, near Buckingham. I have ideas but not a working plot. When I have finished writing Fantasies Of A Geriatric DJ I want to work on this story, again I will be looking for people to encourage me and to sponsor me by donating tins to The Food Bank.

Roald Dhal would not have achieved the fame he did, and indeed make the money he did, without his works being illustrated by Quentin Blake. Exactly the same applies to the Paddington Bear and Winnie The Pooh stories. As well as finding a marketing manager for The Lonely Ghost could I find an illustrator ?

I believe my book The Bridge House is by far my best work. If you click on the cover you will find it both in e-book and paper book formats on Amazon. LOOK AT THE PRICE !

I over illustrated this book throughout with photographs and that has made the work prohibitive. It took me nearly two years to write this and I intended to donate all royalties to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham but there have been none.

Setting modesty aside I believe this is a potential best seller on Amazon but not in its present format. If it could be edited to achieve a price of 4.99 in paper back then a place in the Amazon Top One Hundred is highly possible.

I wrote my first published book for my son Peter's  12th birthday, he is now 39 !  I then wrote a book for Rebekah - The Wold Adventures of Di Central Eating but I never got my act together so it did not become the follow up to that first book Peter's Magic Fountain Pen. Both books are available on Amazon, again click the covers to check them out on my bookshelf.

Strictly speaking The Wild Adventures Of Di Central Eating is not a child's book although a child could happily read it, I regard it as an adult's view of a child's life. While fiction there is a grain of truth behind every adventure, a grain of truth taken from my own childhood.

The e-book version of Di Central Eating is on Amazon for 99p  I believe if it were illustrated and marketed it could become a best seller.

I have tried many time to find an illustrator, I have tried and failed to work with different schools, I even though of a Bristol graffiti artist. I am wondering now if a family may like to take on the task.

2020 Vision in The Sunshine Smile Crew needs to deepen my pocket so I can pay for what we want to achieve.  I have not coasted sending one thousand Smile Cards a month to different Ronald McDonald Houses round the world. At The Dreamsai Lunch of Love it is my pockets currently funding things like Tombola of Love and Freebie Box. I do want to involve more people with that area of our work but right now it is my pocket funding everything. The same with bananas, pineapples and coconuts in the weekly fun promotion for The Food Bank.

 Peter's Magic Fountain Pen is available in e-book format for 99p.

Let me ramble through other titles on the Max Robinson bookshelf. Covers are all below, just click them to find the works on Amazon.

AN INTERVIEW WITH FLIGHT SERGEANT BILLY: Billy was the uncle I never knew, my father's older brother. He died before he had reached his 21st birthday when his Lancaster Bomber was blown up by enemy fire over Germany on 8th March 1945. Nobody knows what happens, in this book I meet up with my uncle and he tells his story. You will find a theme of time travel and multi universes in much of my writing. Peter's Magic Fountain Pen is a time travel story and there is a chapter in The Ramblings Of A Silly Old Man where I go back to 1967 and The Summer Of Love.

THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF BILLY HARDCASTLE: It is not the same Billy in this novel. As a student teacher I lived in Bletchley Park for three years, the park is at the centre of this book.

THE CASE FILES OF DAVE McDERMOTT: I put a survey out on Twitter to find the most popular genre of fiction. Crime function was the overwhelming answer. I gave it a try and thoroughly enjoyed writing in that area. You will find my style of writing and the way Detective McDermott works different. One day I would like to write more crime fiction. One day !

QUANTUM MECHANICS -A TIME TRAVEL TRILOGY: I want my writing to inspire others to write. I believe that Enid Blyton is the greatest childrens' writer ever. Although she is heavily criticised for being racist. sexist and writing within shallow plots she inspired, in her time, more children to write books than any other author including Rhoal Dahl and J K Rowling. In Quantum Mechanics I time travel to three different destinations within the life of my family. The book challenges the reader to think of three locations and times within his/her family and write a story about them.

THINGS WERE DIFFERENT IN MY DAY: I hated school, it was monochrome and uninspiring. Strange how I ended up as a teacher myself. This is my schoolboy autobiography.

THE STORY OF A TEENAGE ENTREPRENEUR (FAILED): Leaving school I went into retail management as a trainee. I was going to take the high street by storm and become a multi millionaire. Not the word FAILED in brackets. I never did become a retail magnate, I changed the direction of my life and went into education.

Music, not surprisingly features in all of my stories. I have dabbled with YouTube to promote my writing but I never mad that much effort. If I can find marketing managers for my books then surely there is great potential within this media.

For my book The Bridge House there ate TEN YouTube videos.

One week I broadcast two hours of music on my Show Tuesday Terrific Tunes with all the music coming from my books.

So can we do this ? Can we find the right people to make come money from the books of Max Robinson ?

Drop me a line: dashford566@gmail.com and let's chat.

Sadly the image on the left id not a true current likeness of Yours Truly. That on the right is a little more accurate although it is three years old !

That first image was taken when I was seventeen years old, seventeen and dreaming of wealth and fame as an international best-selling author.

My first attempt  at writing was under the pen-name of Craven Chesworth. Thank goodness the manuscript for Pen Roche is long lost, The Obscene Publications Act is still in force isn't it !

As a teenager my hero was Alistair MacLean, the writer of Guns Of Naverone, Where Eagles Dare and more.  His books have sold over one hundred and fifty million copies making him one of the best selling authors of all time. I envied his success and his wealth.

That's Alistair, by the way, on the right below. He left us in 1987 at the young age of sixty-four. Penning this page I am, myself, coming up to sixty-nine so I had better get a move on if I am to emulate his success.

At teacher training college my English lecturer was the writer Dennis Hamley. He set we students an assignment to write a short story which could be read to a class of pupils. I wrote something about a young boy Mickey Rig. Dennis loved my story, he read it to the entire group of students and sent it to his publisher. I remember well the publisher's reply: We do not think this is one for us. However. Dennis set me firmly on the course to become a published writer.

This is Dennis, below.

Working as a teacher in the 1980's I wrote a book for teenagers, Garatt's Gang. As I composed each chapter I shared it with my classes who loved my writing. Unfortunately publisher after publisher disagreed with me, constantly filling my letter box with rejection slips.

I did not give up. I managed to secure a writing job with our local newspaper. Once a week I composed the Lifestyle page. The page featured different aspects of the New City of Milton Keynes. The individual articles were gathered together and published as a book Not The Concrete Cows. The photograph of one of Milton Keynes famous concrete cows is shown on the cover in negative showing that there was more to the new city than concrete cows !

I wrote something for Landrover Owner Magazine from which I secured a commission to write a book for a charity working in Albania. Albania he Cares was published in 1995.

In 1992 I published a book I had written for my oldest son's twelfth birthday, Peter's Magic Fountain Pen.

Not The Concrete Cows, Albania He Cares and Peter's Magic Fountain Pen are long out of print although Peter's Magic Fountain Pen is available as an e-book on Amazon.

My newspaper and magazine articles, together with these three books were all written under the pen-name of Jonathan Flie.

Mickey Rig and Garatt's Gang were all written on an old fashioned typewriter. The Jonathan Flie newspaper articles and these three books composed using an early word processor. Writing the text was easy and fun but selling it to a publisher was hard, very hard. With the advent of the Internet, home computers and Amazon everything changed.

Accepted by Amazon as a writer I changed my pen-name to Max Robinson. As you can see I now have many of my books available on Amazon.

Being able to instantly publish my work on Amazon moved my writing to a new level. At the time I joined Amazon I changed my pen-name from Jonathan Flie to Max Robinson.

Robinson is my mother's maiden name. Here are Nan and Granddad Robinson with my son Matthew. Born in 1900 Granddad lived to the age of ninety. Nan lived to be just a few weeks short of her one hundredth birthday.

Mack was our family's pet during my childhood. Her I am, aged I guess about six, with Mack.

Mack Robison, that did not sound quite right so I changed Mack to Max and became Max Robison.

There are Amazon millionaires, those who ear a fortune selling their books via this Internet giant. I am not one of them ! I would not object to earning a fortune but that is not my purpose in writing.

I write for my own personal enjoyment. If somebody reads what I write that is a bonus. If they enjoy what I write it is a double bonus.

An important part of my writing is to inspire others to write.

Who is the greatest childrens' writer of all time ?

Roald Dhal ?  NO !  J K Rowling ?  ABSOLUTELY NOT !

The most inspirational writer of child fiction of all time is Enid Blyton.

Enid Mary Blyton was born on 11th August 1897 and left us on 28th November 1968. During her life she sold more than six hundred million books, four times the number sold by Alistair MacLean. he stories included The Famous Five, Secret Seven and Noddy In Toyland.

She was criticised for her stories being too simple, characters too middle class. She was said to be racist and to be sexist. RUBBISH ! Complete and utter rubbish ! No other author has ever inspired children more to write their own stories. If my own writing could inspire just 1% of the readers Enid inspired to write I would be a happy man.

Se Enid sold six hundred million books. Let us pick a figure, say 10p, as the average royalty earned by one book. Six hundred million multiplied by 10p = 60.000,000 ! If I could achieve 1% of her inspiration, if I could achieve 1% of her earnings I would make 600,000.

Well I guess that's rather up to you, my readers.

Enjoy the stories...


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