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West Bletchley Councillor Shery Defalni and I will be meeting on Monday 14th Octover to discuss various activities.

Check this BLOG edition.

Bletchley Support Group  Spotlight Centre, Serpentine Court, Bletchley.

3rd Tuesday of the month   1.00 – 2.30

Oct, 19th Nov,  17th Dec, 21st Jan, 18th Feb.  17th March

I took Rylee this beautiful Golden retriever puppy along to meet elderly residents in Cavendish House (sheltered accommodation) in my ward. As you might guess she was a big hit! 

Milton Keynes Councillor Zoe Nolan

Loughton & Shenley

Eight Actions Taken to Improve School Safety.

Loughton School, is a popular school, but it sits on two roads, Ashpole Furlong and Bradwell Road. Both can be very busy especially at school times.

Recently there was an accident where a mother was hit on her arm by a car when she was walking on the pavement near to the school. She’s ok but was very shocked and worried.

The injured resident contacted local councillor Zoe Nolan about her experience and concerns.

Cllr Nolan has taken 8 actions to try and improve safety at this popular school.  She has also looked again at safety at a number of other local schools.

Cllr Nolan said, “As Cabinet Member for Children and Families said, “I was concerned to hear about this accident outside Loughton School. I know that other schools are also in a similar position. That is why I have taken eight actions to make it safer outside schools in Milton Keynes.”

Cllr Zoe Nolan and Milton Keynes Council have:

1. Encouraged schools to engage with the Stars programme - this is an online platform for schools to develop a sustainable, active and safe travel plan. They can keep going with the Stars programme and get bronze, silver and gold as they do more and more on their transport plan such as cycling and walking schemes, parking away from the school gate or sharing lifts. The way children arrive and leave school is carefully monitored with an emphasis on using sustainable ways such as walking or cycling.

 In the budget this year Labour put in extra money to promote the Stars scheme to make sure that children are safe outside school that there are good school travel plans in place and that residents are engaged with what the school is doing to keep everyone safe outside the school gate.

 A number of schools primary schools -Knowles  primary, Chestnuts primary, Longmeadow and Olney Middle school and secondary schools- Milton Keynes Academy and Hazeley Academy and SEN school Slated Row have all agreed to work with MK Council this year to introduce the Stars scheme to make a real change in how their children and young people travel to school.

2. Cllr Zoe Nolan has also contacted the local Fire Brigade at Great Holm who have also offered to work with the school and they made several visits during congested periods to check that they could still get through to the school and to the neighbouring houses. They could.

3. She visited the school to see the situation for herself and contacted the new acting head teacher who wants to help to get this problem sorted. Children’s safety is a top priority.

4. Asked taxi licensing in Aylesbury to check on taxi drivers whom residents thought were parking dangerously outside school.

5. Worked with the community police officer who is aware of the situation and is monitoring dangerous parking and driving.

6. Cllr Zoe Nolan worked with Cabinet colleague for Public Realm, Cllr Emily Darlington in answering a question at last full council to explain the range of action that MK Council are taking to improve safety outside all schools.

7. Parking enforcement at MK council is taking enforcement action against those parking on double yellow lines near schools.

8. Previously we have acted to successfully across Milton Keynes to stop ice cream and fast food vans parking right outside the school gates at lunch-time and going home time.

Cllr Nolan concluded, “Safety outside Loughton School and other schools across Milton Keynes is an important issue and I am pleased to help improve safety for everyone.”

with best wishes,


No Strings Badminton at Newton Leys Pavilion (poster attached) – this is a great opportunity for people to come and play social badminton with other like-minded people. All levels welcome and it’s just £4 per session.

Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council

Junior Youth Club 7-12 year olds (poster Attached) – Tuesday nights, only 50p a session.

Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council


Monday 7th October Fantastic meeting with Councillor Sherry Defalni from West Bletchley Council. We talked over several projects including DrugWatchMK, the light of our homeless rough-sleeping friends and support for those with mental anxieties.
Sunday 6th October










Steve from Newport Pagnell is launching, with the help of the Parish church, a brand new AFRESH !

An event that combines arts and crafts with performance arts.

He is still trying to source a drama group that would give a 15 minute spot and also, a contemporary dance group.

Alongside the arts  and crafts stalls is Andy Faulkner and She-0 vocal and guitar..

Might have some swing dance too!


Saturday 6th October Click this picture and follow Newport Pagnell Mayor Paul Day as he shares all the lovely things happening in Newport Pagnell
Monday 30th September PAM PRICE leaves the staff of Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council. It has been a pleasure to work with Pam over the past year. Pam we will miss your support. THANK YOU for everything.
Wednesday 25th September

Councillor David Hopkins appeared as a guest on Terrific Tuesday Tunes to play two hours of LOVE SONGS

Wednesday 25th September

Meeting with Councillor Mohammed Khan to talk about Melting Pot and Teen HeroMK

Following last week's WoodstockMK e-mail a member of Milton Keynes Council made a donation of love to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter,

Put these dates in your diary:
Friday 18th October 7.30pm



Dinner Diamonds & Dangerous Liaisons

The Campbell Room Savoy Crescent MK9 3PU

Supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Book on-line


Saturday 23rd November 12noon to 6.30pm

Queensway Bletchley


We will be there with both Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and Milton Keynes Food Bank.



Promoting our recent event supporting Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and also trying to generate love for our hospital I have been sending out circular e-mails to members of Milton Keynes Council, West Bletchley Council and Bletchley & Fenny Stratford Town Council. While most ignored my e-mails those who did respond were so kind, so loving and so supporting. The love and support we received at the recent MKWNS event I have nick-named WOODSTOCK MK.

Building on from that I want to and out a circular e-mail each week, I want to build up the mailing list to include all parish councils within Milton Keynes. I am calling this WoodstockMK. I want to tell people what w are doing in The Sunshine Smile Crew BUT also to invite councillors to share happy positive things taking place in their wards, something w can celebrate, support and tell as many people as possible the lovely things that are happening.

So watch this space ! This first WodstockMK e-mail will be circulated on 21st September 2019.

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