The Bridge House is, of course, one of my books. Actually I think it is the best work I have produced so far - it took me two years to write it,

Everyone who knows me will be aware that I believe Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel is the greatest piece of music ever written.

To me SMART HUB - Somewhere Safe To Stay in Water Eaton,  will always be The Bridge House - Bridge Over Troubled Water. The Hub is run by SMART a loving, caring organisation offering emergency overnight accommodation for our rough-sleeping friends.  This is an organisation I have previously worked with in a very small way, it is an organisation I have a lot of respect for, it has a deep understanding of the situation. I want to do more to help.

I have an idea for something which I initially ran by SMART in early February 2020. I am here on this web page brainstorming my thinking, inviting others to contribute and for SMART to see if, together, we can all make this work. 

I want to offer something positive, something happy and fun to take the minds of my friends off their lot in life. Drug and alcohol issues go hand in hand with being homeless and rough-sleeping, there is no shame in that the addict is a victim. Society has to be aware of that.

People can write poems, write short stories, write fiction write their autobiographies. When a person writes they write for their own pleasure, if someone reads what they have written then that is a bonus, if that reader enjoys what he reads then we are talking a double bonus.

Beyond that we could blog what friends write, as an accepted Amazon author we could edit contributions and publish them, either either anonymously, under a pen name or using the writer's real name. Nothing, of course, would happen without full consent and a proper understanding of what will happen to the writing.

Within the work I do trying to raise awareness of drug issues in Milton Keynes it is essential that public perception change. An addict is NOT a bad person but a victim, a victim of hideous crime.  Personal stories may help arouse awareness, it may help the victim. This is actually outside my expertise and something which would have to be thoroughly and carefully discussed with SMART.

I am thinking for the club, it can be for two or as many friends as are interested, to happen on a Friday morning. There is a room available in a local community centre available for hire at a modest cost. We will have to factor in transport to and from the meeting place, basic writing materials and I would like the session to end with a chill out time with a coffee shop or snack at McDonald's.  I do know that grant funding is available.

The project could start as soon as SMART would like it to.

Writing is my thing but if this initial project works we could have other activities: art, craft, painting, music, anything.

This is very much a skeleton of an idea right now, an ambition, I will tell SMART of this page but in order to move from the ambition stage to making it happen I am inviting your thoughts.

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