CRMK stands for Cable Radio Milton Keynes. Founded in 1978 as a local radio station for the New City of Milton Keynes, music travelled down wires to homes on the new city's estates.

With the development of the Internet CRMK is now reaching out to the world.

Things have changed a lot since 1978 but one thing which has not changed is the fact that CRMK is a fabulous radio station !

Newport Pagnell in North Buckinghamshire is famous for a number of things: Newport Pagnell Services on the M1 was the first service station to open on the motorway network - James Bond 007 is known the world over and famous for his Aston Martin car - Aston Martin is a close neighbour of CRMK which has its studio in a former public toilet  !

The former public tolet block in Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell was no longer in use, close to being derelict and forgotten when CRMK found it and turned it into a radio studio.

Seriously that is true !

No longer a toilet, the building is flush with success and an incredible schedule of programmes brought to you by a fun team of presenters.

It was a team of presenters who set aside their microphones for construction tools to transform the building, In so doing their cemented fun, music and happy smiles into the studio.

Click any of the pictures on this page to check out the schedule for our fabulous radio station then listen and enjoy.


David Ashford & Joshua Morgan 2019