What was the very first record you spent your pocket money on ?

AFRICAN WALT By Johnny Dankworth

I went with my mother on the 'bus to Lewis's department store in Birmingham. I could not make my mind up which to buy: HATS OFF TO LARRY - Del Shannon or RUBBER BALL - Bobby Vee. I have no idea why at the last minute I chanced my mind and spent my money on African Waltz.

What in your opinion is the greatest piece of music ever written ?

No difficulty at all answering that question. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER By Simon and Garfunkel

I have always tried to live my life like a bridge over troubled water. It is written in my will for this to be played at my funeral.

What is the first car you ever owned ?

It was a Triumph Herald. Registration LSS 482 D

What is your dream car ?

I have always wanted to own a Triumph TR7 sports car - ever since the day I passed my driving test.  It would have to be in yellow.

If you won the jackpot on the lottery what would be the first thing you would spend money on for yourself ?

I am not sure a lottery jackpot would be enough money but it would be to buy an original work by L S Lowry.


From the lottery winnings who would you donate 1million to ?

It would be to The Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

If you were to become world famous what would you like to be famous for ?

Being a writer/author.

How have you spent your working life ?  If you could turn the clock back what different profession would you like to follow ?

I was a teacher and senior manager in a large comprehensive school. Education would be the last profession I would follow today. I think I would like to be either a criminal lawyer - defending not prosecuting, or a paramedic.

What is your favourite colour ?


What is your favourite holiday destination ?


Which football team do you support ?


If you could have been born in a different country and have a different nationality, what would that be ?


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