I was on the estate of Conniburrow in Milton Keynes in July 2019 when the police screamed in following reports of a murder.  It transpired that both the victim and the murder came from Fenny Stratford. I wrote to Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council to offer help and support by way of sharing my limited knowledge of drug crime in Milton Keynes.

I wanted to write to all elected members of Milton Keynes Council, I wanted to write to both of our Members of Parliament and say I TOLD YOU SO !  I had previously attempted to contact them inviting our political leaders to engage with the horrific levels of drug crime in Milton Keynes. NOT A SINGLE ONE BOTHERED TO RESPOND !

I wanted to write to the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and suggest he send all of his officers to Specsavers !  I once saw a notorious knife-carrying dealer walk past two police cars without any fear of apprehension !

Did you know that I used to be a drug addict ?

Oh yes I was !

The difference was my addiction was to legal prescription drugs and NOT to illegal Class A drugs dispensed daily to victims by the criminal fraternity. My medication from the local pharmacy and heroine from a criminal are from the same source.

It would have been some time in early 2015 that I suffered from the most excruciating pain in my lower back and legs.  I went to see my doctor who said I was suffering from sciatica. He prescribed the opium based pain killer Co-codamol. What a miracle drug !  Within a very, very short space of time the pain vanished.  I was cured BUT I was addicted.

When a twinge came into my legs I would take drugs and that twinge would go away.  Things then progressed to my taking the drug just in case a twinge came along.  That is addiction isn't it ?

Approaching Easter I asked for a repeat prescription, I was running low on my addictive drugs. A new prescription was not going to be ready until after the four day holiday, I had left it too late !  How was I to get through 96+ hours without my fix ?  I was scared silly.

A young friend who worked in the medical profession said to me: You need to get off that stuff, it does your head in. He meant it chemically changes your brain so you can not live without it in your body. EXACTLY as do Class A illegal drugs.

I fell off a ladder and broke three of my ribs. The pain was beyond anything I can here describe.  In hospital I was given very strong pain killers but they did not work.  I begged to be given Co-codamol but the doctors said it was not as stong as the medication they were giving to me.

I was discharged from the hospital and sent home with a course of pain killers. I never took that medication. As soon as I was home Popped a couple of Co-codamol tablets and all the pain went away.

I was a drug addict, an addict hooked for life !

On Friday 19th May 2017 my darling daughter Rebekah dies suddenly and unexpectedly. Hers is the smile in Sunshine Smile. About a week later I realised I had not taken any Co-codamol. I was clean, I was no longer a drug addict but it had taken my daughter's death to get me clean !

I would never take drugs again.

That experience has given me an insight into the life of a drug addict, a drug addict who lives at the mercy of evil criminals. The addict has to exist every day as a customer of evil. Exist with no support, exist with no understanding from non-addicts, exist with no future save an early death.

In England and Wales, there were 4,359 deaths relating to drug poisoning registered in 2018, 603 more than in 2017 when there were 3,756 (a 16% increase). This equates to a statistically significant increase in the drug poisoning rate, with 76.3 deaths per million people in 2018, compared with 66.1 deaths per million in 2017.

I have lived in Bletchley since 1971 and in West Bletchley since 1979. There is crime in the area but it is not drug driven crime as can be found in Central Milton Keynes and adjacent estates.

By council wards in Milton Keynes West Bletchley comes in at number seven out of 19 for crime.

  1. CENTRAL MILTON KEYNES - 483 reported crimes

  2. WOUGHTON AND FISHERMEAD - 332 reported crimes

  3. BLETCHLEY EAST - 195 reported crimes

  4. BLETCHLEY PARK - 185 reported crimes

  5. WOLVERTON - 172 reported crimes

  6. BRADWELL - 153 reported crimes

  7. BLETCHLEY WEST - 134 reported crimes

  8. MONKESTON - 130 reported crimes

  9. STANTONBURY - 110 reported crimes

  10. LOUGHTON AND SHENLEY - 103 reported crimes

  11. CAMPBELL PARK AND WOUGHTON - 109 reported crimes

  12. STONY STRATFORD - 102 reported crimes

  13. BROUGHTON - 101 reported crimes

  14. NEWPORT PAGNELL SOUTH - 101 reported crimes

  15. DANESBOROUGH AND WALTON - 92 reported crimes

  16. NEWPORT PAGNELL NORTH AND HANSLOPE - 85 reported crimes

  17. SHENLEY BROOK END - 84 reported crimes

  18. TATTENHOE - 75 reported crimes

  19. OLNEY - 50 reported crimes

Following the Conniburrow murder I decided I would like to help Bletchley and Fenny Stratford which does have a drug problem. Minor to that of Centra Milton Keynes but still a problem. I decided I wished to help protect the community of West Bletchley I live from having a similar problem. I want to help safeguard my fellow residents.

So here we are with my idea for DrugWatchMK. I am now building a small team to make this idea an active and successfully operating project.

DrugWatchMK initially working within Greater Bletchley but with the hope that communities right across Milton Keynes will take up the challenge and rid our society of this evil.

  • To save lives of innocent victims the last person you blame in this situation is the addict.

  • To ensure all police officers go to Specsavers.

  • To drive away the evil criminal drug dealers, drive them away into cells in Woodhill Prison.

DrugWatchMK - our vision, our mission statement:


The maximum sentence for dealing Class A Drugs is FOURTEEN years. We need to campaign for this to be the norm. No longer can we allow evil criminals to exploit the vulnerable without fear of arrest. No longer can we afford to let the police turn a blind eye.

Did you know there are teenagers delivering drugs ?  Fitting their work around attending school !  I said to a police officer there were teenagers running drugs for dealers. He replied: Teenagers, yes AND younger !

Every day the recycling process in Milton Keynes has to be stopped ten times  a day in order to remove contaminated drug paraphernalia !

As you know I am passionate about the plight of our homeless rough-sleeping friends. Jimmy Owens was a former student of mine.  He was a bright, happy lad with a good future ahead of him.

No matter what the press coverage said do not pretend his death spurred Milton Keynes Council into action - IT DID NOT !

Do not pretend it was the cold that ended his life.

Criminals have targeted the homeless rough-sleepers. When you see a homeless rough-sleeper begging he is probably begging for money to buy drugs. NOT EVERY ROUGH-SLEEPER but perhaps 60%.

NEVER give a rough-sleeper a bottle of water to drink. Water is used to cook drugs. Give them a high sugar energy drink.

NEVER look down on a homeless rough-sleeper. Their predicament is desperate. Heroine chemically changes the brain to shut out the reality of life and make the addict feel well. I am damn sure if I were a homeless rough-sleeper I would be an addict to shut out the reality of my horrible life. I would want to be a heroine addict and I am sure, in the same situation, you would want to be as well.  The problem is when the drug wears off the horror and the pain return tenfold.

I was part of a small team that walked around Central Milton Keynes overnight trying to locate homeless rough-sleepers. At  2.15am we were speaking to a man in a sleeping bay outside the Post Office on Midsummer Boulevard. A car pulled up and waited patiently for us to finish talking.  What was a car doing pulling up alongside a homeless rough-sleeper at 2.15am ?  I'LL TELL YOU !  It was delivering his drugs !

Yes, evil criminals are targeting the homeless rough-sleepers. An easy target. How long before they expand their trade to target members of your family ? These criminals will target anyone at any level in society !

Found a drug encampment directly behind the homeless shelter - Bus Shelter MK - the civic charity of Mayor Martin Petchey during his year of office.

I put this information into Crimestoppers and the police did erect this sign. However, I could guarantee if you were to wander round Campbell Park today you would find evidence of drug dealing.

Campbell Park, named after Lord Campbell who was chairman of Milton Keynes Development Corporation and intended to an area of celebration. Hardly, criminals have turned it into an area of danger and of evil.

Do not under any circumstances take your children or your dog for a walk in Campbell Park and put them in danger of finding needles and preparation items.

I found a drug camp for the homeless by a bridge in Central Milton Keynes, a bridge about two hundred yards from Central Milton Keynes Police Station !

Click the picture and read my report on that find.

So what can we do ?

What can we do to make evil criminals understand ?


On Monday 7th October I am meeting with Doctor Sherry Defalni, a member of West Bletchley Council. I am talking with Councillor Rosemary Smith from Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council. Rosemary is passionately involved in her community. 

I here invite anyone who would like to be a part of DrugWatchMK to contact me so together we can all make our mission statement happen:


Once the ball is rolling this will not be difficult to achieve but actually kicking off will require a careful plan with several things ready in place, all needing to be activated at the same time.  We can not do one thing ahead of another.

The ONLY way to work is to raise public awareness, for the public to demand with a passion and end to what is happening. The average person in the street would not believe, even in their wildest dreams, the extent of the evil criminality in Milton Keynes.

Many more crimes have taken place within the areas shown here than are listed, these are the crimes reported - a fraction of the true happening. Eleven areas are shown but evil, criminal drug dealers operate in a far wider area then shown here.

Do you want your kids, your grand kids to to be part of some future statistic. Do you want them to be at risk from evil criminal drug dealers ? NO OF COURSE NOT. Public awareness - FULL AWARENESS - that has to be the way forward.

But before that can happen the addicts, the victims have to be taken care of and made clean.

Milton Keynes DOES NOT have an effective medical support system for victim addicts. NO it does not, no matter what anyone may say. NO IT DOES NOT !

The local GP has to be the one who can medically take care of an addict. NOBODY ELSE.

The GP has to be the one issuing prescriptions and assigning delivery to a specific pharmacist.  Our hospital needs to be aware of what we are doing and needs to be able to respond in an emergency but it should no tbe burdened with day-to-day operation. Supporting an addict can not be centralised, it has to be local and it has to be personal.

We need to discuss this with HealthwatchMK.

West Bletchley has one medical centre, Whaddon Medical Centre. I have been a patient of this group of GPs since 1971. There are three pharmacies in West Bletchley.

There are support groups in Milton Keynes: NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS and COCAINE ANONYMOUS. We need to work with them and use their love to help victims.

We need to find out how many addicts there are in West Bletchley and in Greater Bletchley. We need to know the extent of the need. We have to do this without asking professionals to breach confidentiality.

An addict can walk into a pharmacy and ask for a free supply of needles and syringes with which to inject illegal drugs supplied by the criminals. In a sealed grey bag the pharmacist will hand these over together with a used needle receptacle AND all the preparation equipment for the illegal drugs.  All handed over without any counselling or offer of support. I am not blaming any pharmacist, this is the system the government has set down for them to operate.

So in any given week how many grey bags are handed out by:

  1. P & I Smiths Whaddon Way

  2. Cox & Robinson Melrose Avenue

  3. Rainbow Pharmacy Witham Court

Knowing what we are dealing with we then need to move the victims to seek support from their GP. We need GPs to be ready to love victims into recovery.

Only then can we engage the public. We can do this very easily when the time comes via local notice boards, council newsletters, doctor surgeries and pharmacists. People need to know this picture is not a harmless spoon but a drug cooking dish.  Needles and syringes are a danger to all and should not be touched.

We need a 24/7 system of rapid response volunteers trained to photograph and log before safely removing any found drug paraphernalia. I will take my tun to rill a shift.

We have to raise everything to a very high level of public awareness.

When this is in place alongside a working medical care system we can then insist the police support us.

I suggest in these early planning stages we engage with our community police officers. At the same time we discuss our thinking with the Chief Constable of Thames Valley Police and the Police Commissioner. So we come at things from both ends !

I have the greatest possible respect for our police officers and will always support them but it is a fact that the police are turning a blind eye to criminal knife carrying drug dealers.  THIS HAS TO STOP. The police must be more proactive.

The police must pick off the runners, particularly the children for their own safety. They must follow up all leads and information identifying dealers. In Milton Keynes we have county line drug dealers operating from Northampton, Luton and Liverpool. Police areas must work together to take these agents of evil out of society.

Drug crime produces secondary crime. Victim addicts steal to feed their habits.  In some cases dealers will co-ordinate this crime. Bike theft in Central Milton Keynes is drug related and dealer co-ordinated.

Dealers having preyed on the homeless rough-sleepers are now starting to use them within their networks. I am not sure if he is still there or not, but there was a homeless rough-sleeping teenager in a park near Fishermead. His tent was used by a dealer as a supply point.

However, the police face a problem. If they arrest someone and take them to court where the magistrates do not act firmly and promptly ten the original issue simply escalates. You can not blame the police for taking the easy and possibly the right way out by doing nothing. We need to discuss this with our magistrates and factor their thinking into or planning.

Magistrates need to understand that an addict before them accused of petty theft to fund the activities of major criminals is a victim. Yes, he has committed a crime but only under pressure. Punishment may be appropriate but support is ALWAYS needed. A court can issue a DRR order - Drug Recovery & Rehabilitation Order but magistrates have to understand at present there is not an effective system in place to make such an order work.

We can not write off the existing community of addicts, we have to lovingly support them. However, as a matter of great urgency protect our residential areas from the evil knife carrying drug gangs who every day operate without fear. Do you want your children, grandchildren to become their next victims ?




This is a project being set up by The Sunshine Smile Crew which we hope local communities will take over to support and protect their residents. While we hope local parish councils within Milton Keynes will take interest and support what we are seeking to do this is not something for them to include within their portfolio of activities.

If you have any comments on this presentation or would like to be involved at any level please drop me an e-mail.

David aka The Geriatric DJ

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