Since we started working to make people smile we have probably collected around five hundred gifts for The Food Bank.

We set up two small collection points, one merged into something bigger and the other just vanished.

We contacted three supermarkets asking if we could run music events in their stores to promote The Food Bank. Two said they were too busy while Tesco took EIGHT MONTHS to answer our letter !

Not very good ! We have not achieved a lot. Time now to turn up the beat, time now to rock for The Food Bank.

Starting on Monday 7th October The Geriatric DJ will play on every radio show he broadcasts a track dedicated to The Food Bank. On Monday 28th October his entire two hour show will be ROCKING WITH THE FOOD BANK.

The music will be used to raise awareness of the need for Food Banks, to encourage people to drop in gifts at various collection points but MORE THAN THAT we want friends to stop and think before they make their gift, to think about the person who will receive their gift, the person who needs the gift and then to wrap it in love.

We will do everything we possibly can to find new collection points. We will work with those who are already running collection points to share the love of what they are doing.

In this day and age it is DISGUSTING that we need a food bank but thank goodness we have one.  Writing in early October 2019 we do not have a parliament and government in Britain, our politicians are a sad joke. Milton Keynes Council is cold and does not show very much love at all to those who need the Food Bank. However, local town and parish councils in the area DO show love and support. We need to celebrate, praise and THANK those smaller councils for what they do. We can do this via our WoodstockMK programme.

The supermarket giants may have said get lost when we asked if we could use their stores to promote the work of The Food Bank but they are significant and effective collection points. We need to thank them for this and promote their locations.

We need to constantly be thanking the team at The Food Bank for their work and love.

We need to come up with some ideas which will generate some significant gifts. Could we perhaps do something across Lent in 2020 ?  We need to turn up the beat.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ