When Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter held a 24 hour football marathon The Geriatric DJ was there for the full game.  He then went into the radio studio to broadcast an overnight match report and disco. Barclay Premier League sent their trophy to the match, being cheeky The Geriatric DJ asked if we could have it to use at one of our events. It was already books for somewhere else but Barclays Premier League checked out the podcast of that show then sent us some autographed souvenirs from premier league clubs.

Now we plan to use those gifts from the world's number one football league to help five good causes The Sunshine Smile Crew supports: Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter - Dreamsai - Curly Tails - Milton Keynes Food Bank and Donald McDonald House Birmingham.

This is how Project Football Crazy will work.

The five items we have from Barclays Premier League are: An autographed shirt from West Ham United, An autographed shirt from Watford FC, An autographed shirt from Southampton FC, An autographed ball from Leicester City FC, An autographed ball from Fulham FC.

This is how it will work.

On Sunday 12th January 2020 we will advise the five selected good causes of the project. They then have until midnight on Sunday 26th January 2020 to advise if they wish to take part.  If any good cause declines or does not reply then their item will be passed to another good cause so within the above list one or more may have one or more item for it benefit.

Week beginning Monday 27th January we will have a draw, which we will video and publish, assigning items to the good causes. We will announce who has been allocated which items on Wednesday 29th January.

We will then operate here a SILENT ON-LINE AUCTION for each item and good cause. This auction will run from 9am on Saturday 1st February to 5pm on Saturday 29th February. Results of the winners will be announced at 6pm on Saturday 29th February. Each good cause will collect the money from the winning bidder themselves with the exception Of Milton Keynes Food Bank where we will collect the money to make it part of our Lent Ton Of Tins For The Food Bank project.

Bidders will be able to make their bid here on-line or by post. Details will be published on Wednesday 29th January.

To help launch the project The Geriatric DJ will make his radio show on Monday 3rd February FOOTBALL CRAZY, we will also publish a video on YouTube.

We will, obviously, promote this project with the maximum effort but conditional on taking part for every good cause is or them to use their network of supporters and social media platforms to tell people of this project and to invite bids. This is a strict condition for taking part and we will be monitoring how this progresses.

How much are these items worth ?  Difficult to say. They may attract bids of a couple of hundred pounds or perhaps as low as a tenner. However support does not only mean money !  Yes, we want to make some cash for our favoured good causes but beyond that we want to raise awareness and to celebrate the work of each.

Who knows what beyond money may come the good causes way though our little bit of crazy football.


Sunday 12th January - we will invite good causes to be part of the project

Sunday 26th January -closing date for good causes to confirm participation

w/b Monday 27th January - draw to assign items to good causes

9am Saturday 1st February - bidding opens

6am to 8am Monday 3rd February - Geriatric DJ broadcasts radio show promo and we will publish a YouTube video

5pm Saturday 29th February - bidding closes

6pm Saturday 29th February - winners announced

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