I know that there are members of The Sunshine Smile Crew who remember The Silly Old Man when he was a Silly Young Man.  I also know there are those who took part in a crazy idea I came up with. Read on and then join me in a a crazy idea to do it all again and support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

The Silly YOUNG Man came up with an idea to get into The Guinness Book of Records. WELL WE DID IT DIDN'T WE ?

We went further, 200 of us appeared on Blue Peter and made it into the Blue Peter Annual for the year - 1976 !

There we were in The Blue Peter Studio, John Noakes was a great guy wasn't he ?  And that dog Shep, racing round like a mad thing !

To quote someone who was part of the Guinness Book of records entry and also starred on Blue Peter:  I often talk about that day.

So that was The Silly Young Man, now The Silly OLD Man is coming up with an idea to get back into The Guinness Book of Records and in so doing to raise A LOT of money to bring love and help to the homeless and rough-sleepers in Milton Keynes. A LOT OF MONEY.

Let me explain. Let me try to inspire you.

Rebekah died on Friday 19th May 2017.

Saturday 19th May 2018 was SUNSHINE SMILE DAY. Part of the day was for me to take part in a sponsored haircut.

With my long hair I posed on Hippie Mount in San Francisco. My hair was then cut to raise awareness for breast cancer.

Carefully supervised by Charlotte, my hair was cut by Milton Keynes Mayor Martin Petchey.

The hair grew back nicely for Sunshine Smile Day 2019 when it was cut in a fun sponsored event for Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails Rescue Centre. However, in 2019 the clippers went over the top and left me completely bald !  Look how gob-smacked Milton Keynes Mayor Sam Crooks is !

I had said that my 2020 sponsored haircut would be for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter BUT having been shaved bald it will just not grow its hippy style in time. The thinking then was to postpone things to a later date.

2020 is a leap year so with 19th May falling on a Tuesday there can not be a Sunshine Smile Day as was held the two previous years.

So should we forget all about everything ?  No haircut ?  No sponsorship  ? No Sunshine Smiles ? NOTHING ?

YES - I do have a sponsored haircut on Tuesday 19th May 2020 no matter how long my hair has grown AND we put that haircut into The Guinness Book Of Records. I have registered to submit new records to the publishers, there are many haircut records but there is not one for THE GREATEST NUMBER OF SIMULTANEOUS HAIRCUTS.

I am thinking the publishers will accept one thousand as a record. The idea is to find one thousand people who will come together at the same time and in the same place on Tuesday 19th May and all have their hair cut simultaneously within a 30 minute period of time.  THEN each person who has had their haircut has a smile face painted on them.

So we have 1,000 haircuts and 1,000 hairdressers. Some will also be the face painters while for some heads there will be two people - cutter and painter. Let's say we have 2,500 in total taking part. The locations we used for Sunshine Smile Day 2018 and 2019 would not work. Marshall Arena at Stadium MK can accommodate five thousand. This is likely to be the venue if we go ahead.  I have asked Stadium MK for a quote.


Doors open at 6pm with a welcome disco.  Haircut 7.30pm to 8pm. Disco 8pm to 10pm.

When we have a quote from Stadium MK and have added in some additional costs we can come up with a figure which we charge as a registration fee for haircutting teams to take part. It would be nice if this was 5, if it is more than 10 then sadly the whole thing becomes a non-starter.

We have to be certain we can get 1,000 heads to be cut. If we can not then again this is again a non-starter.

Assuming we get our 1,000 heads and 1,000 scissor hands and 500 face painters we have 2,500 people who will find go out and sponsors to support our homeless rough-sleeping friends.

Anyone could take part - man, woman - child. They do not have to have their head shaved although they could, it could be as little as a trim.  The smiling face paint is the important thing although this is not part of the record.

The warm up music and the post cut disco would make everything a great smiling evening.

We could have some fun happenings: games, competitions, a raffle, refreshments. All of this can be planned once we know the idea has sufficient support.

  • 2,500 people each get sponsorship of 1 and we make 2,500 for our friends
  • 2,500 people each get sponsorship of 10 and we make 25,000 for our friends. Surely we could do this ! HOW ABOUT......
  • 2,500 people each get sponsorship of 100 and then we make A QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS !

Has The Silly Old Man taken leave of his senses ? One thousand people having their hair cut and making it into The Guinness Book Of Records ?

Well The Silly Young Man did with two hundred people and put it all on Blue Peter.

No matter if we make 2,500 or we make 250,000 this would be a considerable sum for our homeless rough-sleeping friends. The more organisations currently working to show love and to help our friends who want to be a part of this the more w can achieve.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were married on Sunshine Smile Day 2018. We sent them an wedding card. We received a kind letter back from Buckingham Palace.

On Sunshine Smile Day 2019 we sent a Happy Anniversary card and received a lovely reply from their private secretary on the instructions of Prince Harry.

Tuesday 19th May 2020 will be their second wedding anniversary. It would be lovely if they came along but it will be their anniversary.  Nothing to stop us asking, wouldn't Prince Harry be fun cutting one thousand heads of hair ? We would be in a strong position to ask for any member of The Royal Family to join us. If we knew that was happening I am sure we would have no difficulty at all in getting 2,500 participants and even possibly getting somewhere near that magic quarter of a million.


I have already talked to Dreamsai, now I have to tell Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter of the idea.

I put this out into The Sunshine Smile Crew and ask for reactions. Personally I would be so thrilled if some of the guys who made it into The Gunnies Book of Records and on to Blue Peter in 1976 joined in. Wouldn't that be special ?

I will ask The Guinness Book Of Records if the publishers will accept a SIMULTANEOUS HAIRCUT OF 1,000 to put into the next edition.

I will get a costing for the event from Stadium MK and see if this translates into a reasonable registration fee.

I will contact Buckingham Palace and extend an invitation for a member of The Royal Family to join us.

I will start growing my own hair !

Providing The Guinness Book Of Records accept the challenge and providing Stadium MK come up with a reasonable price we need a small group to work, plan and make everything happen,

Happen it will if we can find the right people.

Well The Silly Young Man did it in 1976. Why can't The Silly Old Man do the same 44 years later in 2020 ?


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