This is an article written by Ken Slaymaker for Phonebox Magazine.

In life we often have to ask questions of ourselves. One question David Ashford asked of himself was “what can you do with your life when you`re 69 but feel 17?” The answer was to fill every minute possible trying to help others!

Birmingham born David not only lives in Bletchley but lives in a world of music, love and rather strangely, Sheffield Wednesday FC. He plays music to make people smile, to be happy and to inspire love; all of which feature in his personal life. Not only does he play a wide variety of music, he smiles, he is happy and he is 42 years married to Maureen, the love of his life. Within this happiness there has also been sadness however as they lost their daughter Rebekah suddenly and unexpectedly in 2017. Sons Peter and Matthew completed their family which has been further complemented by grandchildren Katherine, Frances, Adam and Oliver.

A teacher and former Head of Year at Leon School, he also ran their famous Disco. He might be a platform shoe wearing retro-pop glam-rock disco man but his favourite music is classical with ballet his favourite. In his opinion, whilst preferring traditional to modern, the finest production of any ballet was The Royal Ballet Company`s Nutcracker by Sir Peter Wright. He also holds a long held dream to see a performance by The Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. Tchaikovsky and Gilbert & Sullivan rank highly with David as do rock band Queen and Simon and Garfunkel. In his own words, “I have tried to live my life like a bridge over troubled water” and has asked that the song be played during his funeral service along with The Radetzky March by Johann Strauss where people can either applaud his life or say thank goodness that silly old so and so has gone!

David writes under the pseudonym Max Robinson, has several publications and has an online blog. Volunteer work features largely in his life and he supports teenagers in school through WorkTree whilst supporting the NHS, the University Hospital MK, MK Winter Night Shelter and Food Bank. He runs a secret Santa project on behalf of families with a hospitalised sick child whilst also running programmes that raise awareness for blood and organ donations.

Work with News At Ten, Anglia TV and BBC`s Blue Peter show are among his credits. Past radio experience comes from working with Secklow, Classic Gold, BBC local and one of his 24 hour Leon School disco`s featured as part of an Horizon FM show.

David may be an Owl in support of Sheffield Wednesday but he is always up with the lark for his early morning broadcasts every weekday from 6am until 8am. His Start the Week, Tuesday`s Terrific Tunes, Wake Up with the Classics, Dave`s Disco and Pick of the Pops shows are sure to start your day with a smile.

© David Ashford The Geriatric DJ