When Susan Hopkins was Mayoress of Milton Keynes she said something to me which I have never forgotten, she said: It does not matter which good cause you support providing you support one. That has remained in my mind ever since.

I play music to make people smile, be happy and to inspire love for the world we live in. The music is wrapped around a number of good causes close to my heart:

Our wonderful NHS - this includes people who are sick in hospital, their friends and families. I promote blood and organ donation.

Our homeless and rough-sleeping friends.

The Food Bank.

My music sponsors ALFIE at Curly Tails Pig Rescue.

I am a Sheffield Wednesday supporter, I never broadcast without my Sheffield Wednesday scarf. For each game I sponsor the goals scored by Wednesday in turn for the good causes I support.

CLICK HERE and check out the club's fixture list.

After each game I always write to the players who have scored the goals and send congratulations to the club.

I hope that this simple bit of fun may inspire other supporters of any club anywhere to do something similar for the club they support.

Being homeless and rough sleeping is only a symptom of a disease which is, metaphorically, far greater.

Click the picture on the left to read about something I am running to help our homeless and rough-sleeping friends.  I would like to organise something similar for Alfie and for The Food Bank.

On my Monday show - START THE WEEK - I have a feature MONDAY MORNING MEDICAL MOMENT. I promote blood and organ donation as well as doing all I possibly can to inspire love for our incredible Health Service.

I have chosen the good causes I support with care, I let my heart decide which good causes I would support. I have selected causes where anything I do and anything I can inspire others to do will make a significant and direct influence upon the lives of those who who will benefit from what I do.  I do not support commercial charities.

So which good cause do you support ?  It does not matter which good cause providing you do support one !


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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ