It's simple but it is oh so powerful. Our Smile Card is anonymous, no web link, no e-mail address, no social media. It is simply one person helping another person to smile, often someone the person giving out the smile does not know.

Are you a member of The Sunshine Smile Crew ?  If not why not ?

The mission of The Sunshine Smile Crew is for every member, every day to make someone smile. 2020 Vision is for 20,200 of our SMILE CARDS to be handed out during the year. We have projects which will see our Smile Cards flying off all round the world, this project is for our National Health Service - for patients, visitors, relatives, doctors, nurses, auxiliaries, managers EVERYONE who works in our amazing, incredible, wonderful, beautiful NHS hospitals.

Our hospitals do not treat their patients, they care for them. For all working in any hospital it is more than a job, it is more than a career, it is a passion. Our Smile Cards are a thank you. They are also there to help the treatment of patients, they are there to support relatives and visitors.

Not on a structured, timetabled basis but as and when we feel it is right, as and when we are asked we are currently sending cards to:

UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL MILTON KEYNES:  Renal Ward and Clinic   Fracture Clinic   A & E   The Relatives Room in the Intensive Care Unit.

THE CHURCHILL HOSPITAL  OXFORD:  Renal Ward   Transplant Clinic

We want asap to start sending cards into STOKE MANDEVILLE HOSPITAL - Aylesbury   LUTON & DUNSTABLE HOSPITAL and as many more as possible.

Do you work in a hospitals ?  Do you have a friend or relative sick in hospital ?  ANY HOSPITAL ANYWHERE. Could you help infect these hospitals with our smiles ? Join The Sunshine Smile Crew and ask for as many cards as you can use.

There isn't a medic anywhere in the world who could stop our smile epidemic. There isn't a medic anywhere in the world who would want to stop our smile epidemic.

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