Life is a lot more fun if you are sill !

It is you know and as the original Silly Old Man I can confirm that statement to be true.

Can I take a moment of your time to tell you of a SILLY Idea I came up with and how friends took this idea to turn it into something very special, very special indeed. While I am happy to take credit for the original silly idea it was not me, The Silly Old Man, but my friends and colleagues at Radio CRMK who made it work.

Heading to Devon for a little holiday I stopped, as you do, at a motorway service station. Inside the loo was a notice saying the service station operator had twinned the toilet block with a village in Africa.  As soon as I was able I opened my laptop to check out this toilet twinning.  If you click the picture below you can read what I found.

How about twinning the toilet in the radio studio ? When I returned home I put my silly idea to the programme controller who happily gave the go ahead. I said I would pay for the twinning myself but NO, my fellow presenters liked my silly idea so dipped into their pockets to fund the twinning.

Today there is a family in a Ugandan village who before my silly idea and the kind generosity of Radio CRMK presenters did not have this basic form of sanitation.

Over the door to the studio toilet is our twinning certificate.

I often think of that village, of the family and now and then will play the Ugandan National Anthem on one of my shows. It's a lovely piece of music.

In 1978 the minister who married Maureen and I now heads an organisation called LIGHTFORCE INTERNATIONAL working in Uganda. He came into the studio to join me on a show and speak about life in Uganda. If you click the Lightforce logo you can see the work they are doing in Uganda.

Through the marvels of Google I have been able to find pictures of the village where our twinned toilet can be found. Yes, I would like to visit the village and the family but that is not going to happen is it.

That toilet twinning happened towards the end of 2018. Recently I have been wondering if we could do more. Could we celebrate our Ugandan toilet and encourage others to twin their loos.

Have a look at these pictures taken in the village where our toilet can be found.

Could you - would you - twin your toilet ?

Click the picture below and take this silly old man's idea, twin your toilet and give a beautiful family the basic sanitation they, right now, just do not have.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ