The mission of The Sunshine Smile Crew is for every member, every day to make at least one person smile.

We all need to smile, of course we do, but sometimes we all need help to smile and some people need more help than others. When you are down on your luck, when the whole world appears to be against you it can indeed be very hard to smile.

Just as in every town, city and village right across the world here in Milton Keynes we have those who are so far down on their luck they are forced to rough-sleep on our streets. We have those who are homeless but are fortunate enough to have found accommodation with The YMCA. We have friends who, without The Food Bank or The Soup Run would go hungry. Do you know what it is like to be hungry with no prospect of something to eat ?  I don't !

How can we help our friends in these situations to smile ?


Every Saturday Dreamsai hands out food bags of love to homeless rough-sleepers and those it finds who are hungry.  Could we make that the starting point for Smile Magazine ?

SMILE MAGAZINE - a simple eight side newsletter of fun and inspiration produced on a domestic computer printer.

Eight pages of inspirational fun to make people smile and be happy.

How many food bags does Dreamsai hand out each week ?  100 ?  We need to check that. To produce an eight page newsletter on a domestic computer will cost about 30.  Dreamsai operates every Saturday, if we put one of our inspirational cards into bags on days where we do not have a new edition of Smile Magazine the total monthly cost of the enterprise would be around 50 a month.  I could finance that myself.

If Smile Magazine were to have a publication date of the second Saturday in the month then he first edition would be Saturday 13th December 2019.

Subsequent publication dates would be:

Saturday 10th January 2020

Saturday 7th February 2020

Saturday 13th March 2020

Saturday 16th April 2020

Saturday 13th May 2020

Saturday 13th June 2020

Saturday 11th July 2020

Saturday 8th August 2020

Saturday 12th September 2020

Saturday 10th October 2020

Saturday 14th November 2020

Saturday 14th December 2020

I feel it is important if we do launch Smile Magazine that we give the project a long-term commitment.

We support Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter which operates its season across the time when our first edition would be published. Could Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter use our magazine ?  I am not sure. If Smile Magazine could be of help how many copies would Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter need ?

We have tried and failed in the past to engage with The Milton Keynes Soup Run. This is a fantastic organisation, lovingly doing a much needed job but we have been unable to find a point of contact. Perhaps we should try again. If Smile Magazine could enhance the work of Milton Keynes Soup Run then how many copies a month would it need ?

We support Milton Keynes Food Bank by doing what we can to raise the profile of its work and encourage people to donate items of love. However, we are not doing anywhere enough !  Could Smile Magazine be used each month by Milton Keynes Food Bank ?

In March 2020 YMCA MK opens the doors of its new building. Dreamsai already delivers gifts each week to the existing operation.  In March there will be 200 rooms in use.

Add all of this together and we would need around 1,000 copies of Smile Magazine every month.  Impossible to produce on a domestic computer printer and even if it were the cost of the ink alone would top 300 ! If we increase the publication to 12 pages that becomes 450 = 45p per copy. RIDICULOUS.

What would the cost be if we used a commercial printer ?  Could we find a company which would do the work within a budget of say 100 to 150.  How could we then fund this cost ?

Within the operation of The Sunshine Smile Crew we do not burden ourselves with finance and accounting. We can not allow time needed to make people smile to be used on such boring administration.

Could we find a network, a series of people, organisations and philanthropic commercial undertakings who would pay for one monthly printing bill, pay this direct to the printer ?  Smile Magazine is aimed at people who are down on their luck so advertising is not going to bring in any business. Even if it did we would not want to waste space better used for content which makes people smile.

Initially in December 2019 we will produce an edition of eight pages on a domestic computer printer. I will fund costs. This will continue unto we can find such friends as needed to widen distribution and expand the magazine size.

I am happy to take on the role of editor but I do not want to write the entire edition each month. To do so would limit Smile Magazine to a single person's outlook and experience.

We need silly fun content which will make people smile and be happy. We need inspirational content but we do not need religion or politics. We can include information such as Food Bank locations etc. We need cartoons, jokes, simple quizzes, photographs, word searches and so on and so on and so on.

I would suggest we invite MK Lightning to take a feature in each edition.  Who else could we include ? What about supporters of The Food Bank, Dreamasi, Worktree, Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and more ?  Everything must be simple and light-hearted. Without crossing the line into pornography an light-hearted adult content would be accepteble.

What do you think ?

Could we make The Smile Magazine happen ?

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