When Dave was writing a weekly newspaper page he went on many different adventures to write his features.
  • He flew from London to San Francisco in the cockpit then back with the cabin crew.
  • He spent a night shift with the police.
  • He shadowed the captain of a P&O Ferry as it docked in Calais then was in the engine room as it docked back in Dover.
  • He went in an ambulance car to collect a family having its child airlifted into Heathrow then drove the little boy to Guys Hospital in London to receive a kidney transplant.
  • He spent time with Elizabeth Ward the founder of the organ donor card.
  • He piloted an aircraft in the Monarch Airlines simulator.

And much more.

As we develop our show we plan some adventures which we will make features within START THE WEEK.

We will make regular visits to the cinema to review films:

We want to go behind the scenes at a 4DX cinema to see how it all works.

Josh is taking up a challenge to play on a rather special adventure course.

Both of us are planning to ride the longest zip wire in Europe at The Eden Project in Cornwall.

Can you think of some adventures we could undertake ?

Have you got a challenge for us ?

Dave's THIRD annual sponsored haircut will take place on Tuesday 19th May 2020. This will be in support of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

David Ashford & Joshua Morgan 2019

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