So are you a Womble ?

Can we invite you to become a Womble ?

The Wombles are fictional pointy-nosed, furry creatures created by Elisabeth Beresford and originally appearing in a series of children's novels from 1968.

They live in burrows where they aim to help the environment by collecting and recycling rubbish in fun and exciting ways.

Although Wombles supposedly live in every country in the world, Beresford's stories are concerned with the lives of the inhabitants of the burrow on Wimbledon Common in London, England.

The characters gained a higher national profile in the UK in the mid-1970s as a result of a BBC-commissioned children's television show which used stop-motion animation. A number of spin-off novelty songs also became hits in the British music charts

The Womble motto is Make Good Use of Bad Rubbish.

Author Elisabeth Beresford passed away in 2010 and The Wombles have long disappeared from our television screens.

It is time to bring back the Wombles.

Will you become a Womble ?

When a Womble sees rubbish thrown down in the street by some idiot the Womble does not ignore it, does not blame the council - The Womble picks it up.

Take a walk along the street and see how much litter you can find.

Disneyland has a policy: It doe not matter how much rubbish you throw down on the floor we will pick it up within two minutes. There is no litter in Disneyland !

There is no litter in Disneyland not because staff are picking it up but simply because people do not throw rubbish into a clean environment.

Womble the street where you live and very soon you will find people stop dropping litter !

The Wombles were the original recyclers. We need them back.

Recycling is confusing and complicated. What can you recycle and what can you not.

Wombles need to campaign and force government to adopt a policy of IF YOU CAN NOT RECYCLE THE PACKAGING THE YOU CAN NOT SELL THE PRODUCT.

Wombles need to name and shame products wrapped in excessive packaging.

Wombles need to name and shame products where you need a chain saw to open the packaging.

It's easy Wombles, name and shame on social media.

When a Womble goes into a fast food restaurant the Womble refuses to accept a drink with a straw and a plastic top on the cup. The Womble drinks straight from the cup.

Small steps but giant steps. A Womble wants there still to be a planet for his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to inherit.

This appeared in the October edition of Open Door published by West Bletchley Council.

No matter where you live are you loving your street ?

Do you live in West Bletchley ?  Contact the council, click the picture below and get in contact.


Cigarette butts are made of non-biodegradable plastic and should be recycled, not thrown carelessly on the floor ?

If you think that plastic straws are bad, cigarette buts are the single most common litter on the world's beaches, streets and area with public access.

Not only are they time consuming and costly to clan up, they do not look good - of course they do not, they add to landfill and they leak toxic chemicals like arsenic, lead and nicotine into the environment.

University Hospital Milton Keynes has a smoking ban right across its campus and yet the proliferation of cigarette butts on the ground is frightening. We have been given permission from the hospital to explore a way where Project Womble can help. The plan is to approach the justice department and ask for a community payback team to work with us to resolve the problem.

We have signed up as a member of a cigarette recycling organisation so when we clean our hospital we will have a proper way to dispose of the cigarette butts and not to simply move them away from one problem only to create as issue elsewhere.

THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT HAS AGREED TO THE COMMUNITY PAYBACK TEAM - will are now working with a manager within The Justice Department to make this happen in the New Year.

When The Wombles were TV stars and pop singers our world was a slightly different place. Today we are in danger of climate extinction.  Wombles, picking up litter, having fun is all very well but if we do not take more seriously, far more seriously what it happening here on Planet Earth that Planet Earth will not be here for future generations to enjoy.

We have to identify the Climate Cowboys, name and shame them without mercy in order to stop what they are doing !

Even Santa Claus is this year refusing to take toys to Climate Cowboys.

At the same time we need to celebrate lovely things which are enhancing our world. In so doing we can contrast the good with the irresponsible and help to make the climate cowboys realise what they are doing !

As a young man I had an idea for a story - ESCAPE FROM ARMAGEDDON. While I have many books written, published and even now and then sold I never did write that title. Things have change, the threat of global nuclear war is gone but I believe the threat of Armageddon is greater now than at any time in the history of mankind.

I have, however, written another of my blogs. Here I debate how close mankind has come to Armageddon but has managed to escape.  I firmly believe that unless we all change our ways very soon there will be no chance at all of escaping Armageddon.

To be continued..........................

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