Rebekah is The Geriatric DJ's daughter. She was born with kidney failure and spent all of her childhood in and out of hospital. You can read her full story in the organ donation area of our website.

She had two failed kidney transplants followed by a third organ which gave her a new life.

That new life was very happy and full. Not a single day went by without Beck smiling, that smile was cheeky and highly infectious.

She died suddenly and unexpectedly on 17th May 2019 which is now our Sunshine Smile Day.

When she left us her friends set up OurRebekah to support children who are sick in hospital. Many thousands of pounds were raised in Beck's name and given to Ronald McDonald House in Birmingham which lovingly support families with a child sick in Birmingham Childrens' Hospital

We have now widened that smile to include several good causes, Dad David ha become The Geriatric DJ broadcasting to the world via the internet on CRMK. Importantly we are developing The Sunshine Smile Crew, an on-line fun community where every members is tasked with making at least one person smile every day.

Will you join The Sunshine Smile Crew and help take beck's smile to many more people.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ