When Rebekah was in Guys Hospital, London, her family was one of the first to stay in the very first Ronald McDonald House in Britain. Since then her family ha always supported Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Sunshine Smile Crew has concentred its support since the Spring of 2017 on Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, England.

There are 365 Ronald McDonald Houses round the world. As part of 2020 Vision we are launching this project - THE SUN NEVER SETS ON RONALD McDONALD.  Adding to BIRMINGHAM England we have ALBERTA - Canada, CANBERRA - Australia, LOS ANGELES - USA, MUMBAI - India, NASHVILLE - USA, NEW YORK - USA, AUCKLAND - New Zealand, DUBLIN - Irealand and JOHANNESBURG - South Africa. We estimate that about one thousand families every month stay in these houses, Ronald McDonald Houses, Houses of Love.

We want to bring smiles to all families in all houses, smiles using our SMILE CARD, smiles with fun gifts from Britain, smiles with Tales From Piggie Alfie And Friends.

Using these nine houses we want to raise the profile and awareness of Ronald McDonald Houses and to inspire people locally to support each individual house.

Here on our website we want to take stories from each house and share them among all of our supporters.

That's the starting point, no doubt we will move way beyond that initial starting point.

So who is Ronald McDonald and what is a Ronald McDonald House.

It is so hard for a family to have a young child who is sick, sick with a long-term illness needing specialist medical care. That care is so often undertaken at a hospital many miles away from the family home. The child needs his/he parents but so do other children in the family. These are also times where family finances are stretched, staying in a hotel is beyond the means of most families.

It is then Ronald McDonald steps in. I says: Come here, stay with us, we will keep your family together and keep it together with love.

Families have their own room in which to live and sleep. Ronald McDonald Houses have lounges, dining areas, play rooms, kitchens, laundry facilities all operating in love,

Click any of the pictures here to visit that house's website. See for yourself the love of each house. There are three hundred and sixty-five houses round the world - The Sun Never Sets on Ronald McDonald. We can not be everything to everybody, we have selected these ten houses to help families staying there to SMILE.

So what about Ronald McDonald and the fast food chain.  First of all McDonald's in England does nut use Ronald the clown, other countries do.

McDonald's restaurants and McDonald House charities are totally different legal organisations. The houses are not the charity are of the burgers. McDonalds, however, is the biggest financial supporter of the houses and without this support there could be no Ronald McDonald Houses. The burger giant is very careful not to exploit its position to market its restaurants.

You will find colleting boxes in every branch of McDonald's restaurants, customers are fantastic supporters of Ronald McDonald Houses. When you next take your family for a Happy Meal make it extra happy my throwing some lose change into these boxes,

It is not just the customers but also the restaurants, the staff and the management of every branch play a vital role in funding Ronald's love.

Ronald McDonald is NOT a commercial charity, every single penny you give directly helps Ronald show love to families. In Ronald McDonald House, Birmingham England it costs 65 a night to accommodate a family. When you click on the different pictures of houses shown on this page there is an opportunity for you to donate and support that house.

But support does not only mean money. It does always mean love.

Our SMILE CARD is special - simple and special. It is entirely anonymous with no link to our website and no mention of The Sunshine Smile Crew. The smile is personal from the person giving the smile to the person receiving it.

While preserving the importance of this personal anonymous aspect we will be making a small change. We are asking people to add a small message of love on the back of each card.

Our cards are laminated so they will last for ever.

We print A4 sheets with four cards per sheet. Would you, your family, your friends, your work colleagues, those you play golf with, the supporters at your football club - ANYONE - EVERYONE take a sheet or two of cards and add love. We hope that children may add some pictures.  Piggie Alfie has promised to add his paw print to cards.

We want to share here love and smiles with people we do knot know and will probably never meet, that makes the smile even more powerful.

Here is five year old Frances drawing pictures on the back of our Smile Card.

And here is her older sister Katherine adding her love.

Yes, we need one thousand cards every month but it is important we do not mass produce these, each and every card must be filled with love.

We have our Sunshine Smile Crew Facebook Group, every member had family, friends and contacts. We need to mobilise this area. We also have our network of groups and good causes.

Beck's Dad David aka The Geriatric DJ signs four cards every day while broadcasting on the radio. We have families, schools, children, community groups, care homes. celebrities and so many people signing cards of love for these families. Put all of this together and one thousand cards a month, every month should not be difficult to achieve,

Keep your message simple - please no religion and no politics. Keep the smile personal from you to a family, do not put any website link, e-mail address or social media link.

Handwrite your message in crayons of love.

Right now we are preparing to launch this project on Friday 14th February 2020 - THE INTERNATIONAL DAY OF LOVE. By then we need our first one thousand cards. Once we have launched this will become our home page with satellite pages showing the smiles we will be generation. We then have to produce another one thousand cards for every month of the year.

To sign your cards simply join The Sunshine Smile Crew and we can take it all from there.

Every morning The Geriatric DJ signs four cards in the radio studio while he is broadcasting live.

Graham, Julie and Stewart and Piggie Alfie have taken cards to be signed.

On Wednesday 22nd January we sent out cards, cold calling. to the following inviting them to sign.

  • Domino Pizza Head Office - 1 Thornbury Milton Keynes MK6 4BB - 25 cards
  • Santander Head Office -  201 Grafton Gate East, Milton Keynes MK9 1AN - 25 cards
  • Network Rail Head Office - Elder Gate Milton Keynes MK9 1EN - 25 cards
  • John Lewis - The Centre MK, Marlborough Gate Milton Keynes MK9 3EP - 10 cards
  • BBC Three Counties Radio - Grove Park, Court Drive, Dunstable LU5 4GP - 5 cards
  • Milton Keynes Citizen - 3 Bond Avenue  Bletchley  Milton Keynes  MK1 1SW - 5 cards
  • India High Commissioner - India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA - 10 cards
  • Canada High Commissioner - Canada House, Trafalgar Square, London SW1Y 5BJ - 10 cards
  • Australia High Commissioner - Strand, London WC2B 4LA - 10 cards
  • New Zealand High Commissioner - 80 Haymarket, St. James's, London SW1Y 4TE - 10 cards
  • USA Ambassador - 33 Nine Elms Lane, Nine Elms, London SW11 7US - 60 cards
  • The Embassy of Ireland - 17 Grosvenor Place Belgravia London SW1X 7HR - 10 cards
  • South Africa High Commissioner - South Africa House Trafalgar Square  London WC2N 5DP  - 10 cards
  • BBC Victoria Derbyshire Programme - BBC Broadcasting House Portland Place London W1A 1AA - 10 cards
  • West Blatehcley Community Centre - 30 cards
  • CRMK - 20 cards

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