Below is a calendar of birthdays within our Royal Family. Always in the public eye life can not be easy for members. There are those who would criticise the Royal Family as a whole or pick off individuals, it must be hard to smile and yet they have always to be smiling just in case there is a camera lense pointing their way !

If anyone needs a help with their smile then perhaps those pictured on the left would enjoy our Smile Card.

Below is a calendar of all birthdays within The Royal Family, twenty-one members. For each on their birthday we will sned them one of our Smile Cards.

9th Kate - Duchess Of Cambridge Card Sent
20th Sophie Countess of Wessex - Wife of Prince Edward Card Sent
19th Prince Andrew  
10th Prince Edward  
23rd Princess Eugene Daughter of Prince Andrew
21st Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  
23rd Prince Louis Son of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
2nd Princess Charlotte Daughter of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
15th Zara Phillip Daughter Princess Anne
10th Prince Philip The Duke Of Edinburgh
21st Prince William The Duke Of Cambridge
22nd Prince George Son of The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
4th Meghan Duchess of Sussex
8th Princess Beatrice Of York Daughter of Prince Andrew
15th Princess Anne The Princes Royal
17th Camilla Duchess of Cornwall
15th Prince Harry  
15th Sarah Duchess of York  
8th Lady Louise Windsoe  
14th Prince Charles Prince Of Wales
15th Peter Phillips Son Of Princess Anne
17th James Viscount Seven  

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