The important word to understand when reading this page is LOVE and then to understand the LOVE flows in two directions. Those who GIVE LOVE find they automatically RECEIVE LOVE.

Some time in November we started collecting gifts for families with a child sick in hospital. It is hard for families - Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sisters, to have a child in hospital at any time of the year. When that child is sick in hospital over Christmas life for all is extra hard.  Add in the fact that for specialist treatment the hospital if often far away from home.

At Birmingham Childrens Hospital children come from all over the country, indeed some are airlifted from Europe, to receive specialist care.

Next door to the hospital is Ronald McDonald House which throws an arm of love around families, eighty-five of them, and provides FREE accommodation for as long as the family needs it.

We collected gifts of love for every family then drove them up in Santa's Sleigh aka my Jag to the families in Ronald McDonald House.

No doubt the families received many gifts but it was not the gift that counted but the love with which it had been wrapped.

The wave of love flows in two directions. As people gave gifts for Santa to put in his sleigh they all felt love flowing back to them. Love from the families and love from Santa himself.

Starting on 1st December and running all of the way to Christmas Day we had a music advent calendar on YouTube.

Yes, Secret Santa 2017 was an amazing success.

The Geriatric DJ became the first radio DJ anywhere in he world to declare Christmas 2018 when he played two hours of Christmas music on 31st October to launch Secret Santa. His fellow presenters at Radio CRMK swung in behind him constantly bringing gifts into the studio for Santa to pick up.

The kindness of presenters at Radio CRMK meant it was possible for us not only to take gifts again to Ronald McDonald House and Birmingham Childrens Hospital but ALSO to the childrens ward in University Hospital Milton Keynes.

On Christmas Day we broadcast a special show including dedications to all the families who had been given our Secret Santa Gifts of love.

Yep, we ran our YouTube advent calendar again but something very special became part of Secret Santa 2018.

A wonderful group of youngsters, The Mini Libs recorded an amazing video which the published on YouTube with donations going to Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter.

Do watch this video - it is absolutely amazing. The Mini Libs launched their video, Jingle Girls on Radio CRMK.

Yes, Secret Santa 2018 was another success, another time of great love.

And now we are counting down the days to Secret Santa 2019 !

We would like to collect gifts again for Birmingham and for Milton Keynes. If there is enough support we can add in a third or even perhaps a fourth hospital.

The project will launch on 31st October with Santa delivering the gifts during the week beginning Monday 16th December. Our YouTube Advent Calendar will start on Sunday 1st December. The Geriatric DJ will make his shows on Radio CRMK special Christmas dedication time on Christmas Eve - Tuesday 24th December, Christmas Day and Wednesday 25th December - Thursday 26th December Boxing Day.

The gifts need to cost round about 4/5, it is not the value of the gift but the LOVE within it that is important. You can wrap your gift or we will wrap it for you. You can add a message or you can remain anonymous.

The gifts are primarily for families or you can make your gift for a child if you wish.

This is a very big undertaking, indeed it is a little daunting, but we have made it a great success two years running so bring your love and do the same in 2019 - Year Three.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ