We invite you to start the week with FIVE hours of lovely music - music we play to make you smile, be happy and have a fabulous week.

Much of our music is retro- pop, for Dave that means the 1950's, 60's and 70's while for Josh it's the music from his childhood and teenage years in the 90's and early twenty-first century.

Dave brings you a weekly feature: Classical Interlude with Josh inviting you to Rock With My Granddad,

We will preview all of the shows you can enjoy throughout the week on CRMK and have a couple of fun features: Monday Morning Medical Moment and Monday Grump !

Ours is a magazine show with news, vies and reviews. We play requests and dedications as well as inviting guests to join us in the studio.

Something exciting is our time machine which each week will go back to listen to the Top Ten chart on the day somewhere in history.

We are planning a series of adventures the weeks which we will build into our shows and feature on our blog. You can also check these out on the gallery.

We invite you to join our Facebook group to keep up with all that is happening and to post reviews on the music we play.

It would fantastic if every listener could stay tuned for the full  five hours every Monday morning but realistically that is not going to happen !  Our show is also broadcast round the world on the internet so early morning in England could mean tomorrow in Australia or yesterday in California. Every show will have its own podcast which you can dip into and enjoy at your leisure. Podcasts will generally be available within ninety minutes of our coming off air.

See you at our next show - Dave and Josh

David Ashford & Joshua Morgan 2019

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