Medically 2020 Vision means perfect eyesight. Part of The Sunshine Smile Crew's vision for 2020 is to get as many people as possible to open their eyes and see what is happening around them, to open their eyes and show love and support for their brothers and sisters who come their way every day.

On 1st January 2020 The Sunshine Smile Crew had 58 members. By 31st December our 2020 Vision is to have two thousand and twenty members.

Every member of The Sunshine Smile Crew is tasked every day to make someone smile. This can be done using our Face book Page, it can be done using any form of social media, it can be done face to face and it can be done using our Smile Card.

We will give you a supply of Smile Cards, we will send them to you no matter where in the world you are. Alternatively if you click on this Smile Card you can download a sheet of four and print them off for yourself.

The important thing about our Smile Card is it is anonymous. It does not mention The Smile Crew, there is no website link, there is no advertising. It is purely there for the donor to help the recipient SMILE. As you surf through our website you will see the many projects we will be engaging in within the year of 2020. Our Smile Card will be at the centre of every event.

2020 Vision targets The Sunshine Smile Crew to hand out 20,200 cards during the year. How many will you hand out ?

We also use this powerful poem by Spike Milligan then add our own words to those of the comic genius:



Surfing through the website you can find out what we are up to in a wide variety of projects as we seek to take smiles into many different areas. If you click our 2020 Vision logo you can download all of these projects brought together in an overall plan.

1st January 2020 started a new decade, a decade we are calling THE ROARING TWENTIES.

On Tuesday 19th May 2020 The Sunshine Smile Crew will have completed three years of operation and commence smiling for a fourth year. Looking ahead to 31st December 2029 our vision is to have brought smiles to millions of people. How many smiles will you inspire ?

The Geriatric DJ will tell you that the greatest piece of music ever written is BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER by Simon & Garfunkel Divorce the music from the words and you are left with a powerful poem. Take the music alone and you are left with a haunting tune. Put the two together and you do indeed have the most wonderful piece of music anyone at any time in history has ever composed. As a member of The Sunshine Smile Crew we ask you to live your life like a Bridge Over Troubled Water.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ