The Geriatric DJ took part, some months ago, in an overnight walk organised to locate the homeless rough-sleepers in Milton Keynes.  At that time the team found eighty people who were down so far on heir luck.

The Sunshine Smile Crew tries hard to raise awareness and support for these friends.  We had pondered the idea of a Walk of Love, perhaps once every three months, to take small parcels of food and gifts to these friend.

Once every three months !  DFREAMSAI does it EVERY week of the year. What is the point of The Sunshine Smile Crew reinventing the wheel and trying to do something which another organisation is already doing better and many times better than we were thinking ?

Quoting from Dreamsai's website:

Food poverty and homelessness has raised considerably in last few years, despite effort from  many.


Through this project, FOOD FOR SAI, we serve meals every Saturday to guests who are homeless or in temporary accommodation.


In January 2019 Dreamsai celebrated the milestone of delivering ONE THOUSAND meals to needy people.


Every Saturday friends bring love to meet at Unity Park Station, the home of Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter, at 12.30pm then head off across Milton Keynes with love and practical gifts for our homeless rough-sleeping friends. A WALK OF LOVE.

On Friday 4th October David - The Geriatric DJ met with Laxman who is part of this lovely Dreamsai team. They had a very positive and special conversation.

On Saturday 12th October David will join Dreamsai to follow in the footsteps of their love and learn all he can about what they do. Would you like to come along ?  Come along and walk with your love ?

Then on Tuesday 5th November Laxman, pictured right here, will be David's guest on Radio CRMK to tell listeners of the work and record a podcast which we can all use to general lots and lots and lots of love for this weekly walk.

The Sunshine Smile Crew does not need to set up a Walk of Love but what it does need to do is to generate support and love for Dreamsai's work every Saturday.

Will you bring your shoes and love to walk in support of Dreamsai ?

David Ashford The Geriatric DJ