Can we introduce you to Madam Destiny for this is her plan.

David was taking part in a ward review at University Hospital Milton Keynes when suddenly another member of the team recognised him. Former work colleagues they had not see one another for over twenty years, immediately their friendship was renewed.

That lady is Mondeira, she is part of an organisation Worktree which goes into schools to help teenagers make life and career choices. The next thing David knew was Mondeira had signed him up and he too was a part of Worktree !

Worktree held a session in the local YMCA, David was part of the team.  Someone there said, "I think I know someone you should meet."

We were trying to promote blood and organ donation, particularly among our ethnic community bit that was not a lot more than an idea. We also had an ambition which we called The Walk of Love, perhaps two or three times a year to walk round Milton Keynes handing our gifts of love to our homeless rough-sleeping friends. To be honest this was far too ambitious and was never going to happen.

So David met up with the gentleman the lady from the YMCA had suggested. He is Laxman. Laxman heads an organisation within our Indian Community called Dreamsai. Sai is an Indian teacher, Dreamsai takes his teachings and turns them into acts of love.

Talking about blood and organ donation, Dreamai already runs blood donation sessions but was looking for help to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation.

Our dream was to operate The Walk of Love just a few times a year. Dreamsai is doing this every week.

So David went along to Dreamsai's Walk of Love, that was in October 2019. He went to see if this was something we could get involved in. It was great and immediately friendships were made but this was NOT Madam Destiny's plan. NO, NO, NO this was just a stepping stone in Madam Destiny's plan.

David invited a number of Dreamsai members to join him on one of his radio shows. It was a good show, happening on 5th November 2019 but again this was just a stepping stone in Madam Destiny's plan.

David became a regular visitor To Dreamsai each Saturday but not to the Walk of Love, to the Lunch of Love.

Every Saturday individual families within Dreamsai prepare meals of love at home in their kitchens. These are then taken to The Buzzy - Unity Park Bus Station in Central Milton Keynes. No longer a bus station this is a centre of love to support people down on their luck, people who are going through some tough times.

Some of the meals are then taken out on The Walk of Love while others remain for what we call The Lunch of Love.

At 12.30pm every Saturday the doors of The Buzzy are thrown open to welcome guests. Some guests are homeless rough-sleepers, some a hungry and could do with a good meal, some are lonely and are looking for friendship, some are looking for help with personal issues.

David started taking in copies of our Smile Card to hand out.

Madam Destiny then tapped David on the shoulder and said THIS IS WHAT I WANT YOU TO DO.

David's Thursday radio show - Dave's Disco is played as a podcast while guests eat the food the family member prepared earlier in the day. We now have a system where guests can request a song to be played on the next show and subsequently at the Lunch of Love podcast.

Generally known as The Silly Old Man David's role has developed to be someone who fools around, making guests smile and be happy. He sits down to chat with guests and sometimes when a guest asks to have a long, seep and supportive chat.

Everyone is welcome at The Lunch of Love, it does not matter if a guest has 1p or an American Express Gold Card in their pocket. The love and the friendship is the same.

NO, Madam Destiny had not finished yet.

Stewart Bailey, our King Of The Smiles, gave us a load of bits and pieces which we turned into The FREEBIE Box. Guests can come along and take anything they like. Something beautiful happened at the first Lunch of Love in 2020, a guest brought in something to put in the box.

We need energy drinks to put in the box each week. We need things like soap, toothpaste, deodorants. WE NEED CLOTHES. Not bag after bag but a few coats, jackets, jumpers, NEW socks, jogging bottoms and trainers. Most guests but not all are men, we go have regular ladies join us.

Radio CRMK gave us lost property from the studio. These items are now being worn by Dreamsai Guests.

PLEASE what have you got that we can put into our Freebie Box. Please give in love.

It is now more than just David who comes along to the Lunch of Love every Saturday. Our mascot BEN sits with the laptop to play the music. Julie has won herself the title Queen Of The Kettle.  Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, milk and sugar ?  The ingrediant for every single drink is love, heaped spoonfuls of love.

One week we got a load of lottery scratch cards, with every drink served by our Queen Of The Kettle a guest was given a scratch card. Can you believe that nobody won anything !

We abandoned that idea and now run the Tombola Of Love. With every drink the guest is given a ticket, every ticket is a winner. No mega millions prizes but simple sweets, Mars Bars, Curly Wurly, chocolate mice and the like.

Next time you are in the supermarket please pick up something for our Tombola Of Love.


It would be easy to say that we have made lots of friends in Dreamsai but Dreamsai would say that is not true - we are not friends, we are FAMILY.

We believe that Madam Destiny is looking for more family members and has plans for new happenings at The Lunch of Love. Simple, happy smiling things to add more to The Lunch Of Love.

For us who are involved right now this is a highlight of our week. It is fun and honestly we come away with as much love in our hearts a the Freebie Box, The Tombola Of Love, The Music and every drink Julie prepares all combined can generate.

Come along and see what is happening then ask Madam Destiny what it is she wants you to do. NO, you will not need to ak as she will tell you.

Our music sponsors Piggie Alfie at Curly Tails. Alfie and his friends are talking with Madam Destiny right now. Each week their individual newsletters are there for guests to read,

When Madam Destiny engineers that meeting between David and Mondeira that was just the beginning. Five months aso and what a long way she has taken us.  Look our 2020.

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