This is URGENT - we need mobile phones - basic handsets NOT smart phones which are unlocked so we can put in a new SIM and give to vulnerable people so they can call for help if they need to.

Nothing expensive, 50p to 1 - Mars Bars - 3 for a pound sweets - mini Easter eggs - little things we can use in our Tombola of Love at Dreamsai
Lucozade - Loaves of Bread - Jam - Butter - Peanut Butter - Energy Drinks - Pot Noodles - anything like this guests at Dreamai can take away to eat during the week
Unwanted Christmas Presents - toothpaste - soap - deodorant - fun little things to put into the Freebie Box at Dreansai
A4 laminating pouches for our Smile Cards
Cannon cartridges 546 - Colour and 545 - Black to print our Smile Cards
EVERY THURSDAY we need these items to take to The Food Bank the following day to put on the bonus table

Specs365 - Premium Prescription Glasses