A while back I sent an e-mail to all members of Milton Keynes Council trying to engage them on something or other. I later contacted our elected members again talking about our wonderful hospital - University Hospital Milton Keynes. As I worked towards an event at Milton Keynes Irish Centre on 14th September I bombarded our elected representatives, this time including members of Bletchley and Fenny Stratford Town Council and West Bletchley Council.

It s true that the majority of council members did not respond but those who did were so kind and supportive.

I now have in mind to make a weekly circular e-mail talking of the community projects The Sunshine Smile Crew is involved in. I will send these emails out at the end of each week and week by week expand the number of parish councils until all council members right across Milton Keynes are included.

Why Woodstock ?

Woodstock was, of course, the three day hippie music festival from fifty years ago. The organisers planned for around thirty thousand but half a million people turned up !

Half a million people with catering set for thirty thousand !  The local community did not complain about the invasion but prepared food and drink in their homes then sent it into the festival. LOVE.

Half a million people but no incidents, no fights, no injuries. Just Love.

When we held the event at Bletchley Irish Centre we tripled the target I originally set. Our team arrived at 4.30am, by 5.30am people were throwing money at us. Money did not stop until we finally left at 12.30pm !  We had so many beautiful people come and speak with us, showing love for Milton Keynes Winter Night Shelter and the work it does with our homeless and rough-sleeping friends. We had members of councils turn up to show support. We had many, many lovely e-mails from all three councils we contacted.

When I broadcast my radio show the following Monday I jokingly called Manor Fields and Milton Keynes Irish Centre Woodstock MK. That has kind of now stuck in my mind.

Each week I would like to send council members a Woodstock MK e-mail inviting them to show love for different areas of the community The Sunshine Smile Crew supports. If a council member just is not interested they can delete the e-mail and forget all about it.

If they want to smile and show love that would be very special.

The Sunshine Smile Crew has been organising different events for more than two years. Just recently we have started an on-line presence with a Facebook Group. This is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The only condition is that every member has to make at least one person smile and be happy every day,

Wouldn't it be lovely if some of our council members became Sunshine Smile Crew Members ? Wodstock MK - Woodstock Worldwide.

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David Ashford The Geriatric DJ